Whether you are looking to host a private dinner for 12 or a casual reception for 100, we would be proud to make crepes in front of your family and friends.

Crêpe is fun and unique from any other catering. Our cooking will entertain your guests and it will make your party a truly memorable experience.

Please review our extensive menu list for ideas. We can prepare fondue, Swiss Raclette, fresh savoury & sweet crêpes or a gratinated french onion soup, anything on our menu can be done at your house.

Staffing & Setup: Crêpe Montagne owners, Laurence and Michel will review your wishes, coordinate the setup and serve your guests in the privacy of your home – personally.

Note that, for small group, the set-up and labour involved might be your main expense.

Reservations: Please provide us with at least 2 weeks notice, before your event.

Please inquiry at laurence@crepemontagne.com